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Create an account with Monte Carlo CASO now.


In order for CASO-CONTRACT to start working, fund your account and activate it in your back office.


Get income according to your CASO CONTRACT.

What are the contracts on the platform


Amount of contract/monthly profit

This is the average percentage, depending on your CASO contract and the profit that Monte-Carlo CASO brings:
- The average income will be: from 0.6 to 1%;
- Number of charges: 3 times a week;
- Days of accrual: Monday, Wednesday, Friday;
- Regulations for withdrawal of funds are: 48 hours.

Don't break your CASO contract, get more!
Don't break your CASO contract, get more!
If the contract is terminated, 10% of its value will be unfrozen and transferred to the game SPIN.

Remember: after transferring your funds to the game SPIN from 10% to 100%, your contract is canceled and the monthly profitability is not calculated.
Double your SPIN and earn more after you transfer the spins to your account, you will find pleasant bonuses from Monte Carlo CASO.